“Lost my conscience and I feel fine,
Perfect prescription for white collar crime”

“Built a franchise of greed and fraud,
I’m selling Bibles autographed by God”

An overview of the freedom and ease of robbing and ripping off people at extraordinary levels without great risk of conviction much less jail time.

The banking crisis and bail out of 2008, maybe one guy went to prison. A kid steals ten dollars worth of stuff from a 7-11 or sells grass, gets caught goes to jail.

Produced and arranged by Erik Nielsen who played the drums. Fantastic performances by David Grissom (guitar) and Dana Russell (bass).


Lost my conscience I feel find

Perfect prescription for white collar crime

Wheel of fortune the price is right

Beat the clock every day and night


Life is plastic limit to the sky

Buy every toy before I die

Shake my hand now you owe me

For about a grand your lunch is free


Hedge my bets evade some tax

Stuffing my money between the cracks

Built a franchise of greed and fraud

I’m selling bibles autographed by God

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