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The ultimate “coming of age” song. I wrote it a long time ago and still love to perform it. It was one of those rare songs that just “arrived” from somewhere, somehow. I watched my hand writing it down with my mind on the sidelines.

Growing up in Michigan, the summers get hot and humid. Without a driver’s license, keeping yourself amused and active had its limitations so riding bikes and roaming around shopping malls got pretty boring very quickly.

The playground behind the elementary school was the place to meet and hang out. And make new friends and look for romance. The story of the song is set in this very site, on the evening of the 4th of July some time back; where fireworks mix with celebration and the old days of summer heat, transistor radios, hanging out and looking for that feeling of excitement and mystery.

“Fourth of July, I lit my rockets with a fiery flame
I tore up the sky, looked like lightning gone insane”

I came into being that night and the images of this place are just as vivid as that time when I was a kid. And every time I play it live, or listen to it today, I relive this moment.  

“She kissed me and she moved my hands, took off her blouse and unzipped her pants
She said if you’re going to be a man, you’d better try this, I TRIED IT!”

Produced by Erik Nielsen who played drums as well. Fantastic performances by: Booker T. Jones (Hammond organ); David Grissom (guitars); Dana Russell (bass); Annie Stocking, Jeannie Tracy, Skyler Jett (vocals).

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did those many years ago.

Happy 4th!