What a beautiful name!

Martha Promise was the wife of Leadbelly (Huddie Ledbetter) “King of the 12 String Guitar. “ There many great stories about his life. He had been a prisoner in Angola, LA for murder and was pardoned by the governor because of his great musical talents.
The songs “Irene Goodnight” , “Alabama Bound” and “Midnight Special” are probably his most famous.
One of my favorites “In the Pines” could have been about Martha.
In my song I imagined letters between Ledbetter and Martha and how their lives will be upon his release.

“Martha Promise you’ll wait for me again, Martha Promise I promise, I ‘ll get out as quick as I can”.

There is a great accordion performance by Rich Kuhns. (Leadbelly also played accordion).

Produced by Erik Nielsen (drums) and I am playing an old National resonator guitar.


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