The first post: "DARLIN' YOU", live in Brooklyn

First out is a live track, Darlin' You from a Denny show at Hanks Saloon in Brooklyn in May of last year.
Here we go, live from Brooklyn!


broken windows, twisted frames
a rusty steel screen scrapes at the wind
spent a long time watching how these seasons change
in everything I see
cuts straight to me
darlin' you

blue screen faces on T.V.
fourth time reruns still hypnotize me
read every damn catalog, every magazine
in everything I read
translates my need
darlin' you

I've sent some letters, I've used the phone
long distance lady, there's nobody home
I've got my needs, I'm stuck here alone
somebody please send her on home
gonna fix myself up in no time

burn my old habits, unplug my mind
it's not that I've been too callous, too ignorant, too blind
but you made me see
what I really need
darlin' you