I wrote this when I was 20. That same year I also wrote “Got the Whole Night” and “Cherry Orchard”!  I was working at the Gaslight surrounded by a group of young very talented songwriters. Lots of inspiration.

Most of the time, when you are working on a song you get a good chord progression and melody and you wait for some words to show up. Sometimes, you think of a good title and work on the words for a chorus and verses before even finding the melody.  On very rare occasions, all the pieces arrive simultaneously.  What a lucky and remarkable experience.

Jimmy Kid was that rare event. A story about a horrible childhood incident.  I remember just watching my right hand writing down the words. I felt very removed just hovering above while the song poured out.

At the time, I was working in the Village, Boston (Passim’s) and Philadelphia clubs. Willa Rouder a wonderful ragtime (stride) piano player would “back me up.” She created a gorgeous piano part for the song.  I will have to look for an old recording and will share it with you.